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Post Construction Cleaning

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3 Phase Cleaning

Rough Clean: 

1. Remove all accumulated trash from units and place in a dumpster

2. Clean inside and outside of cabinets

3. Clean interior windows

4. Clean blinds, frames, and tracks

5. Remove trash, dirt, and debris from bathtubs


Final Clean:

1. Polish tops, sides, and front of all appliances

2. Polish outside of cabinets

3. Clean all millwork (base, windowsills, casing, chair rail, etc.)

4. Bathroom cleaning: mirrors, showers/ tub, countertops

5. Wipe and clean all dirt from painted walls and ceilings

6. Sweep and dust LVT flooring

7. Vacuum carpet flooring

8. Kitchen sinks/ shine faucets

9. Ceiling fans


Fluff Clean:

1. Touch-up cleaning at units after punch-out work has been completed

2. Floors swept and mopped

3. Vacuuming

Services include:

Standard cleaning: Sweeping, mopping, vacuuming, and dusting. 

Deep cleaning: Removes deeper level of grime and dirt is bedrooms, bathrooms, kitchen, hard to reach areas. 

Move out/move in cleaning: Getting your home or apartment ready for inspection

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